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May 17, 2011
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(Contains: nudity)
And the Fantasy Fair costumes series keep going :w00t:
I really had a big deal of fun creating this picture; the original idea was to have to Sirens, and not a couple of Water Nymphs but due the lacking of shells bikinis, I had to change the idea a little bit.
Luckily my partner in crime in this story, good old man :iconmichiganj24: didn’t mind the change at all, instead he actually liked it a lot.
Soon enough he will write a nice story to go along with this render, so stay tuned :nod:

:bulletred: Selene/BlackQueen
:bulletwhite: Emma/WhiteQueen

:bulletwhite: You know dear? I really really like what Nathan did with this place! :bulletwhite:
:bulletred: Mhmh *nod* just imagine that not long ago, this was just a simple grotto … then Jennifer and Thundra came along and the story changed *smirks* :bulletred:
:bulletwhite: We should send them … I don’t know a fruit basket maybe? *smiles* Hey but this isn’t salt water! :bulletwhite:
:bulletred: No honey: for what I’ve been told, this water comes from a huge glacier on top of the mountains. While slowly melting, it carved his way inside the heart of The Island, literally creating hundreds of tunnels and caves or grotto, that are all connected with one another. The scary thing is that it’s like the Knossos’ labyrinth in there. You can go in, but you never know where and if you actually will come out somewhere! *shrugs* :bulletred:
:bulletwhite: *Looks at her partner with a sultry smile* Intriguing … shall we start my dear? :bulletwhite:
:bulletred: *smiles back at her* As soon as you are ready darling :bulletred:
:bulletwhite: *moves the water around a little with her feet* sing for me pretty bird! :bulletwhite:

*closings her eyes, she takes a deep breath before slowly humming a sweet song. Her crystal voice enhanced by the echo generated by the cave’s wall, slowly reached deep into the tunnels and even further when Emma joined her partner, singing the lower keys.
A song which words danced slowly like trails of smokes and pushed around in almost lyrical tones, echoing around, reaching the deep bowels of The Island.
Not long after the girls started to sing, people around wells, other grottos and even in some parts of the city, swore that they heard a siren song but wasn’t able to pin point it anywhere.
Few minutes later both Emma and Selene started to dance into the shallow waters, crossing each other in sync and slashing little drops of water all around, making their skins glitter with the colorful lights of the grotto.

Not too far from the “Sirens”, Ares was swimming around the underwater tunnels that interconnect the various caves and grottos of The Island, after a good hour of swimming he came up to take a break and his sharp earing caught the lovely and mesmerizing echo of a song.
Following the trail for almost ten minutes he reached the back entrance of “The Cave of Wonders”, that is how it was called after the first use between Thundra and Shulky.
Ironic that he took a swim exactly to avoid to spend time with girls that day: “Today Ares the Adventurer day. No girls, not fuss, just me and fun like old times” … Of course The Island had other plans for the God Of War.
Emerging from the water, kinda like his uncle Poseidon, another thing funny if you think for a moment, Ares stood there like, mesmerized by the beauty and grace of that lovely ladies, dancing like nymph on the surface of the water. Their bodies were so hot and shimmering that he was almost drawn to them, falling a couple of time cause he wasn’t paying any attention to where he was going.
As soon as Selene and Emma realized they had a visitor, they lowered their voice until the song was extinguished.

:bulletred: My my, we have a visitor my dear :bulletred:
:bulletwhite: He seems to have travelled from far to reach us here … :bulletwhite:
*Ares didn’t say much, beside some grumbling caused by hitting a stone with his knee*
:bulletred: We shall show the stranger how hospital we are … :bulletred:
:bulletwhite: … and never leave him go unless he is able to satisfied us both, for as long as we demand … :bulletwhite:

*at that phrase, both ladies smile turned wicked as she moved slowly like banshee, jumping on Ares and making him fall flat with his back in the shallow waters … nothing much is know about this story, only Selene, Emma and Ares can tell how things really went that day but … will they?*

:bulletred: Emma Frost/WhiteQueen @Marvel Comics
:bulletred: Selene/BlackQueen @Marvel comics and :iconblackqueen77:
:bulletred: Ares @:iconmichiganj24:
:bulletblue: Story, background and idea @ExGemini
:bulletblack: Made with Poser Pro 2010 & PhotoShop CS5 & Wacom Intuos 4
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Shulkie Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2011
Gorgeous colors and storyline. I love the body postures showing their mind-blowing beauty to captivate anyone. The backgroud pic is vibrant and remarkablely breath-taking to view. I love the outfits you came up with and the how realistic they appear here.
Another masterpiece, my friend:heart:
ExGemini Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had a great fun working on this render, but sadly it seems to be the less popular amond the people that follows me :shrug:
Shulkie Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011
Then they need a slap upside the head. I love it!!
ExGemini Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My dear friend, if we had the chance to slap people upside down every time they do something wrong ... hell this would be a much better place :rofl:
michiganj24 Featured By Owner May 30, 2011
A Fabulous piece followed by a fabulous story that serves as a perfect intro to my story I love the synchronicity

The devil is in the details...(and in these girls boy let me tell you)
You stepped up my idea and took it to Infinity and Beyond
ExGemini Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Funny that you mention that ... long ago before I created my own new persona, my nickname was DevilMan ;)
michiganj24 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
The Furian is much better Devil man sounds like the cheesy mascot of a sports team lol
ExGemini Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know ... it was back in the 80' I was young :D
michiganj24 Featured By Owner May 31, 2011
Bwahaha guess its no worse than my first OC i created Dragonwing
ExGemini Featured By Owner May 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We were young! :D
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